Modern Traditions – 5 ways to include authentic wedding traditions in your modern wedding day
wedding donut wall tofino botanical gardens

Today I’m kicking off a new blog series that I have been thinking about for a very long time. I’m proud to introduce Modern Traditions: a series of blog posts designed to share helpful advice with couples navigating the challenging world of modern wedding planning. The first topic is how to include  authentic wedding traditions in your modern wedding day. After being a part of 20-30 weddings a year for the past 7 years, I’ve seen a lot of wedding days! And I’d like to share some of my advice and opinions.

I have to admit, I love wedding traditions. The biggest challenge for most modern couples is figuring out how to include traditions in a way that feels authentic to them. The wedding industry is full of lists of things you are “suppose” to do on your wedding day, and your families probably have their own list for you.

Here are my top 5  tips for including authentic wedding traditions in your modern wedding day:

1. Include some traditions in a private or intimate way

Not every part of your wedding day needs to be a public event for all your guests! At the end of the day, your wedding is about celebrating a milestone in a relationship between you and your partner. Just because you invite 100 people to witness your ceremony and have dinner doesn’t mean you have to invite everyone to everything!

private wedding tea ceremony calgary

At Melanie and Wilson’s wedding it was important to his family to have a traditional tea ceremony. They opted to do this in between their legal ceremony and reception and only invited their immediate families to take part. (Check out their entire wedding day here)

Traditional tea ceremony authentic traditions tea ceremony


2. Feel free to skip anything that feels awkward, weird or unauthentic.

Wedding days have a lot of traditions that can feel strange and most people have no idea why they take place. When you go through the list of standard “expected” events of the day, if anything feel strange or uncomfortable, you don’t have to include it!

lynx ridge indoor fall wedding ceremony

Ka-Leigh and Mike planned a Halloween wedding and truly embraced the idea of doing a wedding in an authentic way! (See the whole wedding here) Neither of them wanted to do the traditional first dance, so they didn’t! Instead Mike joined the band on bass for a set.

lynx ridge wedding groom playing bass lynx ridge halloween wedding kiss


3. Include your own flavour of a tradition

Sometimes all you need to do is interpret a tradition so it feels more authentic. Don’t be afraid to take a tradition and change it so it feels more authentic.

wedding donut wall tofino botanical gardens

Robyn and Chris felt like a traditional cake cutting was just not them. So they opted for a donut wall, including a giant donut they shared!

wedding donut wall tofino botanical gardens wedding cake wall tofino botanical gardens

4. Don’t be afraid to do it all!

In the world of multi-cultural relationships, sometimes couples feel they have to choose between family traditions, especially for the ceremony. If it feels right, there is no reason why you can’t include both sets of traditions.

Jay and Joanna actually had a legal wedding ceremony a few years before their big wedding day. They still wanted to honour both of their families traditions, so they planned a wedding day that included a traditional Filipino Catholic ceremony and a big Indian wedding ceremony.(See both ceremonies here)

hindu wedding ceremony calgary

east indian wedding reception calgary


5. Create your own tradition

Sometimes wedding day traditions have nothing to do with what everyone expects of you! Since it’s a celebration of your relationship, think about what is important to both of you and any traditions you may have in your relationship.

wedding day pool game

Julia and Robert met at a pool tournament. Since this is one of their favourite things to do together, they planned time on their wedding day to stop and have a beer and a game of pool with their wedding party. (See the rest of their wedding here)

wedding ring pool balls wedding day portrait pub

BONUS: Rob is also a magician and he plans a special trick for Julia to celebrate all their milestones together!

wedding day magic trick calgary


Want to chat with me more about including authentic traditions in your wedding day? I’d love to grab a coffee with you and hear about your wedding plans! Just fill out the contact form below and I’ll be in touch!